Our Momma’s and Future Momma’s

Lucy Bell. F1b Labradoodle. Color: white and cream. Carries parti. Weight 40 pounds. Very sweet silly girl. Gentle nature and wonderful temperament. Health tested.


Molly. F1b Bernedoodle. Was born trained! She simply is amazing.  Lives with her guardian family along with LucyLue (F1 Labradoodle). Molly is also the litter mate of Gia. 

Embark Genentic Health: Cleared

OFA: HIPS-Good,  Elbows Normal

Gia. F1b Bernedoodle. Precious Gia loves her little kids ❤ Lives with her guardian family loving life. Pending health testing


Luna F1 Labradoodle. Health tested clear. OFA Hips: Good. Elbows: Normal
Nala F1 Labradoodle. Health tested clear.  OFA HIPS Good,  elbows: normal
Millie F1b Mini Bernedoodle
Ellie AKC standard poodle. Health tested through Embark: clear. OFA Pending testing
Chloe.  AKC Standard Poodle.  (Half sibling to Ellie). Embark: Cleared.  Pending OFA testing


Arie. AKC Standard Poodle. Co-owned with stagecoach Poodles & Doodles


Ruby. F1 Labradoodle. Daughter of our sweet Bailey and Bull. Related to Nala.



Jazzy: F1b (Daughter of Luna/Rex).  Merle Labradoodle.  Embark Genetic: Cleared.  Pending OFA testing.
Allie- Goldendoodle.  Genetic Health testing pending results.   OFA: NA to young
Minnie- F1b mini Bernedoodle. Tri color.  Genetic Testing cleared through Embark.  OFA: NA to young.
Dottie- F1b mini bernedoodle. Genetic testing is pending.  OFA:NA
Lexi. F1b Labradoodle.  43 pounds. Genetic Health is clear.  OFA: cleared

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