Doubledoodle Waitlist

Labradoodle crossed with Goldendoodle.

We breed the following varieties listed below in the following sizes:

Medium size 40-55Ib

Mini size 20-40Ib

How our waiting list works:  We’ve recently decided to do a main waiting list vs waiting list per female. The original reservations will remain as listed below; they are families who reserved in our old process. So to be far to everyone we made no changes to those on our prior list. The families on the new waiting list will be given the option to pick a puppy from the litter with available puppies once they are born. We will reach out to via email or phone listed on your puppy application and you have 72 hours to get back to us! If you do not respond we will move onto the next family assuming you are not interested in the litter offered. If you have committed to a litter and decide to back-out; it must be done before puppies are 4 weeks of age in order to transfer to a future litter; otherwise your reservation fee is non-refundable. Your reservation fee will be held for 2 years.  After the 2 years we will assume your are no longer interested in getting a puppy.  If you’ve placed a deposit and do not see your name listed, please reach out and inform us. Thank you!


  1. Marlaina Tocco/Ball (no preference)7.14.21
  2. Becky Fisher (Apricot Male) 8.8.20 passed on Luna
  3. Nicole/Greg Savoie 9/27/20 Female,  apricot, brown or white.
    1. Prefers Jazzy’s litter.
  4. Pam Farber 10.5.20. Apricot male
    1. Emailed for Luna’s litter. No reply
  5. Elaina Evarts 11.28.20 No reply for Luna’s
  6. Laura Good 12.8.20 only under 30 pounds
    1. Passed on Luna. Needs to wait till September
  7. Lynne Probyn 1.4.21.
    1. Passing until Lynne reaches out
  8. Alyssa Strange 1.31.21 Male apricot
    1. Mostly interested in Nala’s & Jazzy
  9. Anna Ansara 4.22.21 Male 45-50
    1. Passed on Luna. Waiting for Nala’s litter.
  10. Meghan Donnelly 4.26.21. Female
    1. Emailed on 27th for Luna
  11. Maria Gialdi 5.21.21 female 40-60, only interested in abstract markings.
  12. Carolyn 7.23.21
  13. Available
  14. Available
  15. Available