Guardianship Program

What’s available:

Ginger– poodle (10-12 pounds). Cuddle bug!! Can be a tad shy but she is very loving. Needs fenced in yard.

How to qualify as a Guardian Home:

In order to ensure the safety and health of the guardian home dog there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Home Program. You must:

  • Not live in a apartment
  • Have a fully fenced yard (preferred)
  • Live within 3 hours from Montrose, MI. Males we prefer within 30 min away but flexible.
  • Ensure that your puppy is well socialized
  • Provide veterinary care when needed as a regular dog expense ( We cover breeding related)
  • Provide appropriate exercise and training.
  • Provide proper breed specific grooming.

What is a Guardian home?

Being a guardian family for a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet without all the expense.

We believe every dog deserves a loving forever family that they can call their own. We are not a kennel breeder as dogs raised in kennels do not get the socialization and stimulation that is needed to be a well-balanced happy dog. We believe that a family life is of utmost importance, our Guardian Homes have become an important part of our program and it benefits everyone involved, the dog, the forever family and the breeder.

These pups/dog live with you as your family dog while we retain breeding rights for the dog. The puppies are whelped at our home and the mama stays with us until pups are weaned. Depending on many factors the females would remain in our program up to 5 years of age (no more than 4 litters) for females and 7 for males. In the end we will pay the cost to have your dog spayed or neutered and the dog is fully yours forever.

This dog/puppy is your family pet, your forever companion. We here at Livy’s Doodles & Poodles simply retain breeding rights and she may have a litter or she may not depending on the needs of our breeding program that year.

You must feed a quality food approved by the breeder.

Below is the application to apply for a current guardian home or future. Please take the time to review and complete. We will be in touch. If you do not hear from us something is wrong, please email us directly. We pride ourselves on the prompt communication so if we don’t get back to you in 2 days it’s likely the email didn’t go through.